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Welcome to DDAT

The values and ethos that DDAT is built upon are Christian in nature and represent values and principles that are important to people of all faiths and no faith. There is a focus on individuality, collaboration and unity; there is a real sense of belonging within DDAT. This is well-balanced with a sense of autonomy and empowerment enabling schools to flourish as separate and unique entities. 

Derby Diocesan Academy Trust (DDAT) was formed in response to the national Academy and Free School Programme and provides a Diocesan home to schools (Church or non-Church) either choosing or requiring an academy solution. DDAT strives to help ensure the sustainability of highly valued church schools, even in the unfortunate circumstances that a school is required to move away from being maintained by the local authority in order to secure rapid school improvement. DDAT is increasingly assisting non-faith-based schools as they plan to sustain improvements by joining the growing number of schools within the DDAT family.

DDAT is proud to be a Diocesan Trust. We work closely with the Diocesan Board of Education (DBE), having shared values and a vision which is deeply Christian. Click here to visit the DBE website.

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Welcome from DDAT CEO Dr Sarah Clark

At DDAT we firmly believe that pupils get one chance at their education and that is why in DDAT the pupils come first. Every decision made has the child or young person at the forefront.

We want our children and young people to be able to ‘experience life in all its fullness’ and although this phrase is rooted in a Christian narrative (taken from John 10:10), irrespective of a faith perspective, that is what all of us want for our pupils. This has been borne out by the number of community schools that have chosen to join DDAT, signing up to the vision and values that have children at their core.


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IMPORTANT NOTICE:  schools will be invoiced directly for training events.

Derby diocesan academy trust

Building a better future for all

Safe places of welcome and belonging

We strive to foster a great sense of belonging in our schools so that pupils, parents, staff and the wider community all feel proud to be part of the family.

Experiences rooted in faith, hope and love

Ethos, vision, values and words are not worth the paper they are written on if they are not lived out and are highly visible every day, permeating through everything that we do.

Highest Academic Standards

Our focus is on developing the whole child so that they become well-rounded individuals who are ready for the next stage in their education or life.


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