Virtual Governor Conference 2021 – Recordings of workshops

Corporate Parenting and the roles of the Designated Governor and Teacher for Children in Care – Sarah Parkman

Being Ofsted Ready – Declan McCauley

Goodness and Mercy - Katy Staples

The Performance Management Process – Declan McCauley & Sue Whyld

Parental Engagement – Sue Vasey and Jenny Brown

Courageous Advocacy and School Leadership – Alison Brown

Dealing with Complaints – Sarah Ferguson & Jayne Hadfield

Diversity, Equality and Inclusion – Andy Wolfe

HR Overview for Governors – Jaime Barrett

FFT (primary governors) – Tina Daroch

Health & Safety Management – a governors role – Dianne Banks

Roles and Responsibilities for New Governors – Ged Philbin

The role of subject link governors – Sarah Gent

Flourishing Adults, Flourishing Children, Flourishing Schools – how investing the flourishing of adults releases the flourishing of children – Andy Wolfe

Role of the SEND Governor for New SEND Governors – Mark Emly and Amy Welham

Exclusion, off rolling, PT timetable and EHE – Jackie Stirland and Ged Philbin